Raising the bar
Cycling Safety, redefined.

A Bluetooth® App enabling Tire Monitoring System (TMS) created by cyclists for cyclists.


Countless cycling accidents occur every day due to low tire pressure or elevated tire temperature. StatCap is a hardware agnostic integrated TMS sensors that mounts directly on your valve stem to help prevent accidents and increase cyclist safety. 

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High Tech Inside & Out
Integrated GPS
Take the road less traveled. Go off the beaten path. Live life without limits. Our built in GPS can get you home. StatCap will get you there safely.
Precision Engineering
Our low profile design is built for function. A device designed so precisely you forget it’s there, but when you need it, it becomes a powerhouse.
Proven. Tested. Ready To Go.
Our StatCap P1 has been put through a grueling testing regiment, designed to ensure that you get a premium tire monitoring system that is safe and ready for you to snap on and ride.
Built with Cyclist Safety at the forefront
Online and Offline Maps
Search Address Or Points Of Interest
Create Stunning Trips with Rich POIS
Temperature Monitoring
Record And Analyze Your Trip
Tire Pressure Monitoring
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Integration With Tahuna
StatCap offers direct integration with the Tahuna App.
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StatCap TMS integrates with the TAHUNA App which allows you to take advantage of not only monitoring Pressure and Temperature but also have GPS navigation, route planning and lots more extra to your smartphone or smartwatch.

Android and iOS users can download the TAHUNA APP for FREE.

Main Features:
• Reliable navigation and route planning for biking and hiking
• Individual routing profiles (e.g. touring bike, MTB, racing bike)
• Free online and offline maps
• Address und POI search included
• Creating individual tours with POIs, pictures and description
• Tour sharing with your friends
• Unique Draw&Plan feature for flexible tour planning
• Premium tours created by professionals for free download
• Extensive evaluation of your training data
• and much more.

great tire performance, improved safety
TAHUNA App Installation and Setup
Installing Sensors
Customizing Your Screens