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Revolutionizing the Cycling Industry
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Our story

Our technology advances the safety and accessibility of consumers seeking to view real-time tire pressure, temperature, road condition, alerting, predictive user experience features and, haptic feedback sensory applications.

Chronically innovative, Kurt Stillman endured a gnarly high-speed cycling crash due to catastrophic tire failure from a slow leak. This unplanned “aha” moment gave him the brain-fuel for StatCap. “I knew there had to be a way to solve this conundrum.”

Company Ethos

Our core belief is cyclist safety above all. Our mission is to make the world’s 66 million+ cyclist safer thru sensor technology.

Who Is StatCap

An experienced team of in-house engineers, designers, and developers located in Tucson, AZ. Today, we continue to develop StatCap’s hardware technology and software and are actively engaged in the expansion of its platform. Our current portfolio has established a foundation for building unique software algorithms and integrated solutions that contribute to the way we differentiate ourselves from other competitors in the B2B and B2C TPMS device space. We continue to invest in research and development and expand our portfolio of rider safety for future generations.

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Kurt Stillman

Organizational Efforts

We have developed Android and IOS APIs that provide data end-points for businesses that desire to capture safety features such as, haptic feedback alerting, ride efficiency, and GPS mapping. These metrics are funneled to a web-based interface, which is tied to a user profile, to create extensibility for reporting features and predicative algorithms that will increase the user-end value.

On top of individual users, we leverage technical business partners to enhance the extensibility of our TPMS devices across many different platforms such as Arrow Electronics hardware sourcing and GPSTuner to bring a wider audience to our device’s safety features.

These features and data metrics bring together a large-scale solution to businesses to relay relevant safety information and geo-spatial targeting for targeted consumer investments. Our TPMS devices manufacturing capability exceeds to over 10,000 units per month and is FCC and CE certified. This allows our efforts to be focused on new software algorithms that promote rider safety.

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