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A Bluetooth® App enabling Tire Monitoring System (TMS) created by cyclists for cyclists.

Countless cycling accidents occur every day due to low tire pressure or elevated tire temperature. StatCap offers cutting edge TMS sensors that mount directly on your valve stem to help prevent accidents and increase cyclist safety.

Packaged with the TAHUNA App (integrates with STRAVA), a powerful GPS navigation and route planning tool, StatCap sensors are fully loaded!

  • Low Tire Pressure = BAD
  • Elevated Tire Temperature = BAD

Prevent catastrophic failure BEFORE your tire fails.

StatCap’s easy plug-and-play TMS sensors enable real-time haptic feedback to your phone and smartwatch by precision monitoring preset values for any changes in your tire pressure and temperature settings and instantly alerting you before it’s too late.

Installation is a breeze, simply download the TAHUNA App for iOS, Android and any smart-watch, then screw the sensors on your valve stem to instantly connect to the App. From there you will GPS navigation + STRAVA integration + real-time tire pressure, temperature and haptic alerts.

Designed and developed in Tucson, Arizona

Key Features:

  1. Constant tire pressure and temperature monitoring and reporting.
  2. Ability to set pressure and temperature alerts/alarms.
  3. Reporting every 250 milliseconds to cover high speeds.
  4. Replaces a bike tire pressure cap with a sensor and a smartphone.
  5. Vibration (haptic) alarm on Android, iOS, and smartwatches
  6. Powered by the TAHUNA App for GPS navigation and route planning.
  7. Available for free download on the App Store and Google Play


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Built with Cyclist Safety at the forefront
Online and Offline Maps
Search Address Or Points Of Interest
Create Stunning Trips with Rich POIS
Temperature Monitoring
Record And Analyze Your Trip
Tire Pressure Monitoring
StatCap - Cycling Tire Monitoring System (TMS)
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